Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breaking down the day

I live in a yellow water tower on the farm between the main farmhouse, the bunkhouse, and the barn. Every morning, I wake up around 7 and putter around, put on my work clothes, and head out the door and around to the back of my tower where my kitchen lives.

I put the tea kettle on to boil, make myself some granola with cream-top yogurt and dried cranberries and plop down on a stool in front of my yellow-checkered table to check emails and read some of a library book. Then it's 8:30, which is when I grab my gloves and maybe my hat and head out to work.

The five of us meet in the barn to discuss the day's work. Google, the lion-maned, attention-hog of the twin barn cats (brother: Yahoo), sidles up to each of us in turn, scratching at our work boots and rubbing up our legs until someone acquiesces and picks him up. Susan doles out our work for the day, we collect shovels and rakes and carts and off we go.

Tuesday is harvest day, but the rest of the week is varied depending on the weather, who's working, and what's coming up in the next few weeks. Today, I took care of chickens, double-dug a bed, covered compost, planted potatoes, and seeded trays of head lettuce which will be ready to transplant in a few weeks. When it's hailed or snowed, we've tried to do warm work -- seeding flats in the barn or catching up on random indoor chores. When it's warm, we've planted broccoli and kale and let the pullets out .

Around noon we break for lunch and I eat something over in the bunkhouse where my fellow interns live or I make something quick for myself -- a fried egg sandwich with salad or tuna fish over rice -- and then relax for a bit, check emails, do some food-prep for dinner. Then it's back out at one, and work until 5 or a little later.

After work, there's dinner, sometimes a bike ride into town, writing, reading, and other puttering. To bed before midnight and then morning again!


  1. lol, Google and Yahoo? Perfect.

    Your days sound amazing. I can't believe you're doing all that. Love you and miss you.

  2. That sounds like so much fun!! I want to see more pics!

  3. But Google and Yahoo are enemies!