Monday, April 20, 2009

Inside the water tower

Synergy Farm has gone through lots of different personas over the years: conventional dairy farm, commune where folks played volleyball naked on the front lawn, B & B, and now back to a small-scale organic farm.

The watertower where I live was once actually a watertower, where water was stored, but in the B & B years, it was converted to a cute little apartment. We've got all kinds of good stuff: cute decor, heating, lovely little bathroom & shower, a mini wood stove, and a loft with a queen size bed.

Here's a little tour of the inside:

The stairs in the entry-way. The bathroom is on this first level on the right. On the left is a beautiful stained glass windows that throws pretty red-colored light all over in the mornings.

The dining/work table in the living room space. Sometimes I sit here in the mornings eating oatmeal and wasting time reading articles about agriculture on my Google Reader.

The rest of the living room -- Ikea couch, coffee table with my Kombucha hidden inside, lots of great lighting and my minimal decor additions

View of some of the North field from the window shown above. Right now these beds have broccoli, kale, beets, and carrots. Some will lie fallow until June and July.

Looking up from the living room into the loft. The wood beams are so pretty.


  1. Has Synergy Farm always been called Synergy Farm?

  2. No, that's new with these farmers.

  3. so cute and cozy!! can't wait to visit!!!!!

  4. Hahaha, naked volleyball. Ah, hippies...