Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lights Out

Tonight the lights went out around 7. Not just on San Juan Island, but on Orcas, Lopez, Shaw... We're still not sure what happened, but we surmise it has something to do with a main cable coming from the mainland.

Apparently a few winters back, the power went out completely for 5 days, which meant no heat, no water (the pump requires electricity), no lights, no indoors stove. It would be a little easier to imagine doing this right now. It will probably only drop to 30 F tonight, so toilet stops in the forest, outdoor cooking with propane... all that doesn't sound too bad. But when it's 15 below, Yuck!

Colin and I celebrated the 2 hours with take-out pizza (my first time eating out since coming to the island!) and a game of candlelight scrabble.


  1. Hey! We had a power failure yesterday too! And several of my kids today said that they couldn't complete their homework because they had no power either! Spooky... I wonder what's going on... And couple that with the earthquakes in Yorba Linda?..... hmmm... ;)

  2. Craaaazy. I wonder if it happened anywhere else? Nostradamus anyone?