Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Earth Work Party

Today I biked over to Sweet Earth Farm to help out in the garden. I arrived around 9 and pitched in to slice up some strawbs and get things on the table. Our hosts, Amanda Zee, Ron & Elaine fixed a spectacular farm breakfast -- walnut molasses waffles, fresh yogurt, fresh fruit, 5 kinds of toppings and yummy sausages.

I met the newest addition to the family, just hatched a few days prior in the Zee's incubator:

We were 11 -- me, Colin, Colin's girlfriend Christy, Amanda & her daughter Ayana, Ayana's dad Jesse, David T, his friend Sheri, Ron & Elaine, and Ti, a Sweet Earth intern. We sat down to eat around 9:30 and got out to the garden a little after 10.

I pulled out three wheelbarrowfuls of quackgrass, horsetails, chickweed, thistle, and other troublesome plants choking the raised beds in the main garden. The strawberry patch was particularly fun -- using the fantastic hori hori knife I brought with me from the Synergy toolshed to attack the most stubborn roots.

The style of farming at Sweet Earth is very different from Synergy -- I think the best way to describe it would be more relaxed. It made me want to see more of how other farms are run. Other small farms, like Sweet Earth, and also larger operations. Perhaps there's more farm interning in my future.

Some of the others took a little walk to see the pond and the new baby lambs over at Lacrover Farm, but I stuck with the weeding until 2 when we broke for lunch -- homemade pizza & molasses-raisin-oatmeal cookies. Yum.

After lunch, we started to put up a new hoop house for growing things that like the heat like tomatoes.

I headed out a little before four and took the long way back to avoid the nasty, nasty hill on W. Valley road, and for some variety. I went past the alpaca farm, English Camp, Duck Soup Inn, and got home in a little over an hour.

Shower, a tall glass of water, a snack on one of Lucy's scones, and now I'm beat.

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