Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A visit!

What a gorgeous weekend. Lucy's friend Lauren came to visit, so Saturday became a day of raucous adventure.

9:00 am -- picked up Lauren from the ferry with two varieties of fresh scones in tow

10:00 am -- quick trip back to the farm for tea, a tour of the barn, and preparations for our picnic

11:15 am -- parked the car in the ferry line to Orcas, hit the free magazine rack outside Ace Hardware, and made a quick stop at the Farmers Market

On the ferry to Orcas

12:30 -- arrived on Orcas, drove to East Sound where we picked out a fougasse and rye at Rose's Bakery, then went walking through algae to a tiny island

Fougasse feud

Algae on my bean boots, algae on my bean boots!

2:00 -- picnic lunch on top of Mt. Constitution

Balsamic onion marmalade, fig-anise bread, fougasse, local goat cheese, raw milk sharp cheddar, sweet pickled cucumbers, fresh carrot sticks, farm fresh greens with vinagrette.

3:20 -- frolicking to a waterfall

Put your hands UP!

4:10 -- back on the ferry to Friday Harbor, sleeping in the booth next to wild children

5:15 -- brief stop at Marketplace for a bottle and some supplies

5:58 -- frolicking at South Beach

6:41 -- photo shoot in the South Beach field for our indie album

Otter Lair Lane

"False Bay... I thought you were wide and deep..."

"... and I gave to you my heart to keep..."

"but in the end, it was shallow..."

7:30 -- back to the bunkhouse for potluck

10:01 -- wine & fleet foxes in the watertower



  1. all those pictures are awesome :) i am jealous!!

  2. I want to cartwheel in a meadow too =)

  3. You can! When you come visit!

  4. Haha, indie album indeed! When are you trying out for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? :D