Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buscando Trabajo

This evening I've been writing cover letters and resumes and sending them off into the internet ether. I've been mildly stressing over what to do when I leave here in September and to that effect, have put together a detailed spreadsheet of options. Top contenders include:
  • Applying as an Americorps Vista volunteer at one of many food and ag-related organizations... Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, Farms for Families in Montana, and Laurel Valley Farm in Eugene.
  • Putting together mish-mash of part-time work in the Bay, including Farmers Market managing for the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association, an unpaid internship with the Chez Panisse Foundation, work with Free Range Productions, tutoring, part-time field work at random local farms...
  • Working on a slightly larger organic farm that has more than 200 CSA shares, more than 30 cultivated acres and some value-added production.
  • Getting a job at a farm/non-profit like this or this or this that combines farming and education/non-profit programming
All are exciting. All are making my heart sing, but my brain hurt.

Thank goodness my personal savior, made a delicious dinner tonight and forced me to take a mini break:

Check out my girl's pockets. Now that's class!

Romantic, methinks.

And yes, another ridiculously yummy mish-mash.

Friends, farmers, countrymen... what do you think I should do?


  1. Me thinks you and your beau should come to Slovenly Manor on Snake Lake and rebuild the shack I call home. And plant a garden. A big fat good one. Caring for the aged will help round you Jess. Think about your granpa Ronny. He is going to require just a whole bunch of care....does now really. My shack could use an exterior paint job, a real yard, and a bathroom closer to me crib. My time is currently spent eradicating the viper on said property and I have no real taste for actual work. Work is for the young and there you are.

  2. Voted for hard work in the hot sun.

  3. Thanks all for the comments. It sounds like most folks are interested in me doing hard labor. I'm not sure what that means.

  4. muahahahaha. you're not hip, you're just hipsters

  5. i voted for NC only b/c i really like goat cheese (which maybe you can make from the milk you're squeezing out of goats) and homemade bread... i dont really know how i feel about NC.