Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It's late, but here's a post in honor of my beautiful mum who inspires and sustains me and puts up with my craziness and loves me in spite of my psychoses, neuroses, and all other manners of -ses.

I guess mum and I have always been close -- first daughter love with none of that crazy Joy Luck Club drama -- but in recent years, we've found so many common joys: cooking, gardening, design, entertaining, organizing, that we can't help but go crazy when we're together. My mum grounds me. She reminds me to be happy. She understands how I think, and reminds me that my way isn't the only way.

So here's a 5-minute poem in honor of my lovely momma:

You know me,
love me,
because you're part me
or technically, I guess,
I'm part you.

When I was small,
I slept like a princess in your high four-poster bed;
dad was away.

So I curled,
soundly, against you.
I dreamed
and woke up happy.

And now,
when I need something that I can't find,
I put my head into your shoulder
and find
something I need
just there.

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