Friday, May 22, 2009

It's cold tonight so I made some Teh Halia

Today was ridiculously warm and gorgeous, but clear days seem to portend chilly chilly nights in these parts so it's not surprising that I'm shivering in my kitchen, waiting for my bread to rise.

I've been craving Asian food something fierce, so tonight, after making a ridiculously delicious pot of Soto Ayam (Malaysian chicken soup) from one of our old, tough stewing hens (more on this later!), I had some old tough ginger skins leftover and decided to make myself a nice frothy cup of Teh Halia.

Teh Halia is ginger tea, "Halia" being the word for ginger in Malay, and Teh being a cognate or stolen word... I guess I actually made Teh Susu Halia since I added milk for some sweetness.

One of the coolest parts about Teh Halia, like it's cousin Teh Tarik, is that it's traditionally "pulled" from one pitcher or glass to another until it cools off enough to drink and gets all frothy up top (Teh Tarik literally means "pulled tea"). It's an art of sorts. Here's a pretty good example posted by the awesome blogger from Rasa Malaysia:

and with that as inspiration, here's the recipe:

Teh Susu Halia (Ginger tea with condensed milk)
serves 1

2 cups water

2 inches ginger, chopped roughly or smashed

1 plain black tea bag

2 tbsp condensed milk

sugar to taste
2 big cups

Put your ginger and water into a small pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 5-10 minutes to let ginger infuse.

Turn off heat and add tea bag, steep for 3-5 minutes or according to instructions.

Add 2 tbsp condensed milk and sugar to taste, stir.

Pour the drink into one of the two cups. "Pull" the tea back and forth (basically pour from one cup to the other, the higher you can go, the better, until it's nice and frothy on top and a good drinking temperature.

My amateur attempt

So delicious and so relaxing. I can't wait to shape my boules for overnight proofing, and get into my bed.

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