Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jacqueline and Jim come to visit

Jacqueline and Jim posing on the peak of Mt. Finlayson to "prove" they were here!

On Sunday, Jacqueline and Jim came to visit me at the farm. It was my first time giving a tour to visitors and it was fun! It made me want to coerce more friends and family to come out here to visit. It's impossible not to feel pride when showing off the beds I've cultivated, the little plants I've planted, the seeds that are germinating. I think Jacqueline got some ideas for planting this summer -- we did a little tasting of the tatsoi (relative of bok choy, which we use in salad mix) and she was impressed.

After fresh bagels and the farm tour, we set off to hike around and search out some of the local flora. Jacqueline's botanist background helped the identification:

Fairy Slipper Orchid

Chocolate Lily

The cool looking red & green groundcover is broad-leaved sedum, a native succulent

Corn Lily

Maybe a Sitka Spruce?

Common Camass

From the summit of Mt. Finlayson

After summiting all 290 ft of the "mountain," we headed back to the car and down to town to find food. Delicious crab enchiladas, and then time for the ferry. All-in-all, a glorious Sunday.

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