Thursday, May 14, 2009


I don't know if it's totally by chance that JH Kunstler made it twice into the category "people saying smart pithy things."

I found this interview the other day and loved it not only for what he says, but also for how much my circle of acquaintances here on the island unwittingly (?) embrace his verging on tongue-in-cheek exhortations to a simpler life (emphasis mine):

"Worry about [...] the need to find new ways to be useful to your fellow human beings (and incidentally perhaps earn a living). Worry about finding a community to live in that is cohesive enough to stave off anarchy at the local level. Worry about building the best garden you can and making good compost. Worry about how difficult it is to learn how to play a musical instrument at age 47."

You just wouldn't believe the number of ukelele players you'll find around here.

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  1. as i read this, two farm hippies are in the kitchen talking about how they really want to make music. i kid you not.