Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sriracha revisited

One of the things I miss the most on this island is good, really good, Asian food. Though I've mastered a few of my favorite dishes, there are things I crave that I know I can't make as well as my aunties, and when it gets down to it, the real barrier is lack of ingredients. Oh, what I would've give for a 99 Ranch?!

Example: I tried this jar of chili sauce from the market.

blech blech blech!

There's a lovely little shop called Gourmet Galley that sells some great stuff, including dried galangal and some of your staple sauces: ketchup manis, black bean paste, even tamarind paste... but it's marked up quite a lot and I still have no where to go for all the fresh goods: decent bean sprouts, decent lemongrass, thai basil, Asian greens... and noodles... all I've found are some overpriced, tiny packages of bee-hoon tucked way away on a bottom shelf. They've probably been there half-a-century.

Not to mention, the island meat is expensive and the conventional store alternatives are unpalatable to say the least.

I guess this is an argument for living somewhere semi-urban, or becoming much more adept at the online-food-shopping thing. I suppose I could also go chat with the proprietors of the China Pearl or Golden Triangle, the two Asian-y eating establishments in town. Maybe we could work out a procurement deal?

But for now, I've decided to take comfort in my bottle of Sriracha and wait patiently for my first visit to the mainland.

PS. I was so so happy to see the excited responses to my last Sriracha post and to the photo I posted on Facebook. I was also super-psyched to see the NY Times article on Sriracha last night. David Tran's story is pretty amazing.


  1. i have a huge bottle of sriracha in my fridge. hahaha this is soo dorky but i got such a warm feeling inside when i read that article about the tran family and the huy fong company.

  2. Not dorky at all! I got the feeling when I saw the picture in the article -- I remembered all those times we went out for dim sum and the aunties went into the Chinese market to shop.

  3. Did you know that Ah Tionh met Mr. Tran way back when he was cooking up the stuff in a vat in his factory/warehouse. This was b4 you were born.

  4. Whoa! That's amazing! I'll have to ask him the story sometime...