Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I read about food lately that made sense

"School farms teach that eating food in season is a reasonable choice,[...] that growing food in an environmentally sound and economically efficient way is an option, and that dedicating one's life to the land is an option,
even when you are an Ivy League grad."

--"Learning to Choose Healthy Food" from Melina Shannon-DiPietro of The Atlantic
(Thanks Vaughn!)


"Providing guidelines that encourage developers to build more compactly does not make it right to build a compact development on prime farmland any more than it justifies filling in wetlands, cutting intact forest landscapes, or paving over critical habitat for a project."

-- Nevin Cohen of CivilEats, in response to the US Green Building Council's draft of a neighborhood development rating system that would not penalize development on prime farmland.


"I think it is not an exaggeration to say that the world of childhood *is* “the farm. [...] Children live in the world basic things - and there is nothing more basic than food, and its origins.[...] Children learn now, even more than before, that cows say “Moo” and that the farm is the world of childhood - but a world they will not often experience. The kind of farm they dream of exists mostly in the memories of their parents and grandparents.

-- Sharon Astyk of Casaubon's Book, in response to the adorable animal noises coming from her friend's 14 month old son

The question will be how long will the stubbornness and inherent optimism of farmers continue to subsidize, through off-farm income and using outdated equipment, this country's food system? At some point it will reach a breaking point -- and it is coming soon -- at that point it won't be farmers who suffer so much as the cities that we feed.

-- Farmer Grant Robertson for the Sun Times.


  1. I'm requesting a blog post on Irish Brown Bread. ;)

  2. And I'm requesting one for chicken fried steak. How did chicken processing go?

  3. Photos and commentary on processing coming soon!