Monday, June 15, 2009

Our farm recipe blog's launching this week

Lucy and I do insane amounts of cooking here on the farm. When you're subscribed to multiple-score food blogs and you're constantly checking out cookbooks from the library, your list of recipes -to-try tends to grow more quickly than sugar snap vines in the height of the season (i.e. fast)

Anyway, many of these things end up being pretty yummy and many of them end up using lots of farm produce, so we decided to start a farm recipe blog to share some of our cooking successes with CSA customers and other Synergy Farm enthusiasts.

The beginnings of the blog are here with 8 recipes posted as of today, June 15th, and many more in the works. We're hoping it'll help inspire some folks to use things like garlic scapes that they might otherwise just skip at the farm store.

Maybe we'll print out little cards advertising the recipe blog for the farmers market this Saturday.

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  1. Multiple score food blogs? How do you find the time to cook and eat?!