Friday, June 5, 2009

Portrait of my fridge

I love this photo essay on people's refrigerators. It inspired me to do a little photo of my own refrigerator the other day... if only I could compare to what my fridge looked like when I worked at the Googs.

To describe the difference succinctly: less meat, less fruit, more veggies, more food I grew, no doggie bags.

Next, I want to my own version of this awesome set of pictures -- one week's worth of farm food...


  1. How cool!

    What're you doing with the chicken necks?...

    Whenever I've seen those week's worth of food pictures, I always wondered if the food pictured fed all the people in the picture? And I'm always struck by the family in Chad!

  2. Chicken necks went into stock and then I pulled off the meat to make a curry fried rice -- old coconut rice, garlic scapes, onion, sweet soya, fish sauce, sugar, curry powder and raisins. Mmmm....

  3. What'd you do at Google, anyway?

  4. I worked in marketing for Google Apps (hosted email and collaboration tools)