Monday, June 15, 2009

Visit to the Big City

This weekend Jaime and I headed off-island to the big city of Seattle for Jaime's bro Liam's graduation. We got up a little after dawn to make the 6am ferry to Anacortes and the Subaru pulled up outside Liam's apartment in Seattle a little after 9am.

It felt strange to be in a city again. I spent a couple of days back in SF en route to the farm back in March, but that was familiar territory, friendly streets, friendly faces. This was folks who hurry by without smiling back at you, and over-tan girls in short short skirts and chainlink fences and unkempt grassy patches on sidewalks.

Of course there are things that are wonderful about cities, like eating a HUGE plate of migas at Portage Bay, dinner in Chinatown, a trip to the famous Uwajimaya, but for the most part, I felt out of place like my heart was being tugged back farmward.

After Seattle concrete, it was lovely to arrive in Bellingham on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday morning were spent lying in the sun, reading, playing with little nephew Adyn, walking into town and eating -- lovely lazy time with the whole family. It was wonderful, but it made me miss my own family something awful, and it also made me think of what it's going to be like when Jaime leaves again.

Since I first visited Jaime five-and-some-months years ago, I've come to think that Bellingham is a pretty awesome little town -- it seems to have such vibrant community life and a thriving local economy. I know it has it's issues, but it seems like the very sort of place I'd like to end up. If only there were cheap land, and it were closer to California...

The boys' picture sesh, post-graduation

Feasting in Bellingham: Farm-fresh greens, Orzo salad, Grilled wild salmon, Chili crab, and a big glass of milk

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