Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh San Francisco, how I miss thee...

...and thy progressive foodiness!

I was already pretty impressed when my adopted city's Board of Supervisors voted in favor of mandatory composting last month. And now, an executive order by Mayor Newsom is making a big statement in favor of small, local, sustainable farming.
"[Newsom is] ordering all departments to survey the land under their control in order to create an inventory of land that can support community gardens. All city-purchased food for city meetings, schools, jails or homeless shelters must be grown locally with sustainable farming practices. Food vendors with city permits must also meet these requirements." -- from Tilde Herrera at
Wowsers! What a coup for food advocacy organizations and local Bay Area producers, and how tremendously apt for the region that gave rise to the term "locavore."

I wonder how they are going to define "local" for these purposes, and what percentage of the food will have to adhere to this definition? This kind of policy is really only feasible in a place like SF, where fresh food is available year-round. But what about harder-to-procure stuff like grains and spices?

I assume this decision is also going to create more demand for services like this cool online startup to help city departments and food vendors to handle procurement more efficiently than juggling daily phone calls with dozens of small providers.


  1. I like everything I've heard about Gavin Newsom. I'd take him as governor over GODDAMN Arnold in a second.

  2. Our family is flying to Alabama and then driving to Atlanta in less than a week. The soul food is beyond incredible (and I'm almost looking forward to it the most of the entire trip), but the culture shock is borderline unbearable. Last time I came home with a total crisis of faith. As much as our city might not be as progressively food oriented, it is volumes better than many places. Just reading about what SF is doing gives me hope and makes me proud to live this close to the Pacific! :)