Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vampire Repellent and Rats' Hearts

So we all had a feeling that garlic was good for us, but apparently, fresh garlic helps rats stay heart-healthy more than dried out garlic that's lost some of its compounds to the air.


I always knew that garlic salt and garlic powder couldn't hold a candle to the real stuff, freshly chopped. Now I wonder whether these crazy things have the same nutritional value as the awesomely fragrant, huge juicy cloves I've been chopping in my kitchen lately.

Didn't help this little guy much anyway...

Photo of our barn-cat Google and little decapitated rodent, courtesy of Lucy.
This little fellow didn't even have a chance.
Anyway, he was more a fan of plain whole-wheat spaghetti, not the garlic so much...

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  1. <3 Google. Such a nice, fluffy cat.

  2. Yes, a lovely cat and a great hunter. It's so strange that he's got such a different personality from his brother, but I guess that's how those sibling-type things go!