Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cali, schoolroom, here I come!

I left the island today in the wee hours of morning. It was dark, but not too cold, as I hurried downstairs to put my last pot of water on to boil for tea and took out my last trash and stuffed my jar of kombucha (yes, really) and raincoat and hiking boots in the back of my car.

Packing turned the watertower into a maelstrom for the past few days and I've had no time to cook, and only a few hours of work on the farm -- just to help out with the harvest.

Instead, I spent all my free time saying goodbyes and preparing my 7-day itinerary for the drive home. I'm stopping at five universities to talk with ten or so professors in Sustainable MBA programs and MS/PhD programs related to food systems, sustainability and business.

Day One: UBC

It went well, but I'm too exhausted now to go into the details. Tomorrow, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, where they actually offer a food industry focus. Amazing. I cannot wait to chat with the folks there and with the alum who's offered to meet with me.

Here I go, back to school...

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