Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ferry Rancor

I hate the ferry this morning. It's nothing against the boat really, but just the way the rigid, unsympathetic inflexibility of the schedule seems to mock me -- makes me feel secure in a plan, and then pulls out of the harbor with a naughty smirk just before I arrive to board.

Really, this morning's ferry debacle was all on me, but that's the rub with the ferry -- sometimes the system actually foils you, and sometimes it just makes your personal inadequacies really really obvious.

Like it was not my fault the time Jim and Jacqueline came to visit for Jaime's birthday and arrived more than an hour in advance of the next ferry and were told they could not wait in line until 6 o'clock. Then at 6 o'clock, when they pulled round to get in line, they were told "no, not time yet" by a harried ferry worker on a stress-induced power trip. And by the time Jim had made another round with the car, there were no spaces left and he had to wait for the 10:55 pm ferry. Totally lame.

But today was way lame-r. Sean arrived yesterday with my car, which he drove all the way from LA to the farm. We planned to send him off this morning on the early ferry so he could catch a shuttle to Ferndale to meet up with an aunt and then get to the Bellingham airport in time for his afternoon flight.

I checked the schedule: 6:10 am.

So we both roused ourselves in the dark foggy morning, I fixed him some fig bread and blackberries and fake mocha drink; like the good Navy boy he is, out he came at seconds to 5:50.

We headed out and arrived in town at 6:00 am just in time to see the 6:00 am ferry pulling out of the dock -- literally 10 feet away. I was tempted to tell Sean to jump, but he was a sonar technician and not a Seal, so I figured maybe it wasn't in his MO.

I hadn't checked the schedule and neither had he and somehow I had gotten it wrong. All I could say was "oh my god, F@#&!, I'm so so sorry" and watch as the ferry continued on its journey.

I'm generally pretty on top of things like schedules, but somehow, today of all days, when I was supposed to get my friend to the ferry on time, somehow TODAY I let things slip and the unforgiving ferry made me pay.



  1. "I hate the ferry this morning. It's nothing against the boat really, but just the way the ridged, unsympathetic inflexibility of the schedule seems to mock me"

    You mean "rigid."

  2. Bwahaha...sorry...was imagining what a sonar tech could do if jumping on the ferry wasn't his MO. ;)

    Hope your friend got to his flight on time!