Friday, November 13, 2009

Movin' On:

Dear, dear readers and friends,

Yes, it's true. I'm moving yet again. Not physically (at least right this minute) but virtually. To a new lovely site.

My mum has a special nickname for me: the new toilet girl. Not super flattering, but apt. It comes from a Chinese saying that has to do with a person who has to be the first to use whatever's new. Forget the old toilet. I'm jumping on the new squatter! (Don't even try to Google this -- you're going to have to take my word!)

It's called

and it's all about, you guessed it, FOOD and the PLANET. In the past 8 years I've gone from cheetos and coke to kale and kombucha and I'm still trying to figure out what it all means and where to go from here.

For those of you who accompanied me to the farm from Srok Khmer and maybe all the way back to my first half-hearted attempts at documenting life in golden SF, I won't promise that this is the last time. It may be a pain to update your bookmarks, but it's something of a solace to think I can't be selling my soul for a little web traffic if I'm constantly pulling this bait and switch.

Over the past year, I've been completely inspired by the experience of working on the farm and working with and meeting amazing friends who are changing the world by caring about the land and about each other. I've changed and I'm continuing to change and I'm going to keep writing about what I'm learning (plus a few delicious recipes and fascinating tidbits about food thrown in for good measure).

It's been lovely to share the farm experience with you, and I hope you come along to check out the new digs...

With joy,


  1. Hi Jess,
    Thank You for visiting my blog and your great info. Love the Pumpkin Gnocchi recipe will be excited to try it. I am trying to protect my 5.61 acres in Clark County(Southwest Washington) from a 500 kv power line. I grow organic flowers and herbs, veggies too of course, a habitual plant lover have applied to be a Botanical Sanctuary with United Plant Savers. Your blogs look great and I will be saying Hi again soon. The Meyers Lemon Tree looks incredible where is it growing?
    Many Blessings,

  2. Organic food is probably safer, but there is no conclusive evidence that the levels of pesticides on conventional foods are harmful.